To forget one's ancestors is

to be a brook without a source,

a tree without a root.

- Chinese Porverb


Welcome to the site that will plan your genealogy trip to Ireland from...

an exploration of your roots perspective,
booking your desired accommodation,
tour destinations,
leisure activities such as golf, fishing, shopping etc
and most importantly transportation.

Tours & Leisure

Our experienced tour director will work with you in the design of your proposed tour, establishing the destinations, appropriate accommodation to your needs, related leisure activities and transportation.

The bespoke nature of our product will be reflected in all aspects of the trip encompassing design and actual picking you up at the airport, touring you around, selecting and checking your desired accommodation and leisure activities, arranging the tours around your genealogical destination and returning you safely to your home departure.


Our expert genealogy personnel will work with you at the earliest opportunity by email to establish what you may know about your roots and then by basic spade work elaborate and corroborate your findings at no cost.
At this stage you will decide to hire us to establish your actual genealogy verification and then consider the proposed trip to Ireland.

Golf & Leisure

We have an experienced team who will make your trip to Ireland a memorable experience. Ireland is a haven for golf, sporting some of the worlds' renouned links golf courses which we can pre book as part of your tour and transport you to and from your accommodation.

The scenery along the Wild Atlantic Way is delightful and leisurely trips will be arranged taking in all the important tourist destinations and shopping locations. As well as golf Ireland is a great fishing, sailing, walking and sight seeing destination which we can incorporate into your trip.