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About Genealogy Ireland Tours

Genealogy Ireland Tours are all personally planned to meet the requirements of our clients. We offer unique integrated solutions, which are all customised so you get the best private tour of Ireland. Key tenets of our company are customisation and flexibility. Our private tours cover a wide range of specialist themes to match the preferences and budgets of our tour guests.

Whether you are of Irish decent and long to explore your roots or a 1st time visitor to Ireland we have selected the best transport, accommodation, attractions and entertainment ensuring that our clients see the "Best of Ireland". Our experienced tour guides will personally guide our clients to the destinations they would like to see, from initial airport pick-up to final departure.

YOU & US - This is the secret to Genealogy Ireland Tours. The partnership built up from the outset is a collaborative one based on trust and the sharing of information to establish as accurately as possible your family roots.

Why choose us?

  • Attention to detail and service is unrivalled
  • Our Tours are customised to your exact requirements and interests
  • Our fully trained guides enable you to make the most of your tour
  • Our business is flexible, dynamic and customer orientated
  • Our complete packages include everything you need for a hassle free vacation
  • Our scope and knowledge allow us to trace your genealogy tree through the generations
Our website provides a snapshot of our company's products and services, but if we can help in any way please CONTACT US.
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